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About Gina

Gina graduated from Emory University with a Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies and a Bachelor of Arts in Piano Performance. 

She continued her education at Harvard University, where she received her Master of Theological Studies.

Gina spent the next few years writing and editing for mainstream digital media outlets while traveling the world teaching yoga in Australia, New Zealand, Peru, Chile, Thailand, Mexico, and the US. 

After witnessing the corruption and persistent censorship in media first-hand, she quit her job as an editor. 

She launched her own personal training business in San Francisco, CA. She began practicing the Ido Portal Method and became a close student of Johnny Sapinoso. 

 In 2016 Gina shed her feminist ideology and regained her conservative Christian values with which she was raised. 

She was featured as a guest on The Candace Owens Show in 2019 and shortly after was hired as Candace Owens’ manager and Live Events Director for the BLEXIT Foundation.

In 2022, Gina moved on from her job with Candace to return to her health and fitness roots as a health and weight-loss coach.

She is featured on various podcasts and shows to speak about the harmful effects of modern feminism and body positivity, the importance of family values, and conservative politics.

In her free time, you can find her practicing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu with her black belt husband. The two live in Nashville, TN, with their daughter.

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