If you’re a woman who wants to lose weight…

Avoid these 3 critical fat loss mistakes

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With the Health Shift program, you’ll get:

The Health Shift is a 1:1 program that you can actually follow, stick to, and get results from. It’s based on 3 pillars:

1. Personalized Approach

I understand that every woman’s body is different. That’s why what you’ll get in my program is tailored specifically to your individual needs.

Whether you’re looking to lose weight, build muscle, or simply tone up, I’ll create a customized plan that is tailored to your body type, fitness level, and lifestyle.

2. Motivational Support

Losing weight and getting fit can be a daunting task, but I’ll be with you every step of the way.

I’ll be your personal coach and support system, always there to motivate and encourage you when you need it most.

3. Sustainable Results

My ultimate goal is for you to achieve sustainable weight loss and lasting results. That’s why I’ll help you create lasting habits that will keep you on track even after our sessions are over.

My focus is not just on losing weight, but on helping you achieve a healthier, happier lifestyle.

Many women who embark on a weight loss journey give up after just a few weeks or lose all the progress they’ve made.

Here’s what you’ll get in the Health Shift to ensure this doesn’t happen to you:

Here’s why any woman can achieve her fitness goals


You don’t have to worry anymore about the things that make losing weight on your own difficult.

With my guidance, you’ll always know what to eat and how much to eat.

Forget about stressing over complicated and strenuous fitness routines with long and boring cardio.


I provide you with a structured and personalized approach to weight loss.

It can be tailored to your needs, health history, and preferred eating style.

This makes it easier for you to stick to your weight loss goals and achieve long-term success.

Effective and proven

My weight loss system has been proven time and time again with women of different backgrounds and conditions.

My weight loss approach has helped busy women, stay-at-home moms with kids, students, and postpartum women.

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Success Stories

The next success story is YOURS!

I believe that any woman can lose weight without suffering or pain.

Meet your coach

My name is Gina.

I’m a personal trainer specializing in strength training and movement culture.

And I have to admit something to you.

Although now I have good levels of health, it wasn’t always that way.

At some point, I was 50 lbs overweight and my health was at its worst.

My habits weren’t good either.

I smoked and ate ice cream for breakfast.

And I had crazy levels of anxiety and stress.

I didn’t have the time or motivation to make fitness a part of my day.

Of course, I tried everything to change my situation.

I even embarked on a fitness journey around the world that led me to discover my own approach by pure necessity:

To train without painful routines, doing only exercises I could enjoy and to eat healthy and tasty without quitting carbs (can’t help it, I love pizza).

Guess what? In the last few years, I’ve shared my approach with other women, and I’ve got to say that it works.

Feel your best, fit into the clothes you love again, and set a positive example for your children to lead a healthy lifestyle.